The dangers associated with traveling in the Republic of South Africa are often exaggerated in the media. However, compared to traveling in Europe or the United States, South Africa is still riskier, so it's essential to follow basic safety guidelines. 

  • Plan your journey so that you travel during daylight;
  • Arrange your accommodation in advance;
  • If the fuel gauge drops to half, start looking for a place to refuel (the network of gas stations is sparse       in less populated areas and the distances are large);
  • Charge your mobile phone before the trip, and possibly ensure you have a car charger;
  • In more remote places, move in groups (at least 2, preferably 4);
  • When traveling by car, always keep it locked;
  • Do not leave anything lying around in the car;
  • In national parks, it is usually forbidden to get out of the car, as there are many predators living there;
  • Before entering the water, make sure there are no crocodiles living there;
  • Visit the townships only with an organized group and a local guide;
  • After dark, stay only in tourist-frequented areas;
  • Decline the offered help or services from people you don't know;
  • Be cautious when withdrawing from ATMs; and
  • Do not seek to swim on deserted beaches.