If you are experienced travelers and prefer to travel independently, you can venture through South Africa on your own, with our assistance. 

This service entails that based on preliminary information about how you envision your trip, we will compile a recommended itinerary, including suggested accommodations at designated points on your route. After your approval, we will make the required bookings for the chosen accommodations and arrange car rental for you. If you encounter any problems during your travels, our representative will be available to assist you over the phone.

This service is provided at extra change.

Examples of interesting trips: 

Cape Town - Garden Route - Addo Elephant national part - 10 days

If you have only 10 days in the Republic of South Africa, we recommend spending 3 days in Cape Town and the remaining 7 days on the Garden Route. The cherry on top will then be a visit to the Addo Elephant National Park.

Cape Town - Garden Route - Lesotho - Drakensberg - Indian ocean coast - Kruger National Park - Johannesburg - 19 days

If you have flexible timing, we recommend at least 19 days for a trip through the Republic of South Africa. You'll start in Cape Town, continue along the picturesque Garden Route to the Addo Elephant National Park, and then make a short trip to Lesotho. This is followed by hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, moving through Zululand to the Indian Ocean coast to the Sodwana Bay National Park, and through Swaziland, you'll then reach the highlight of your trip: a safari in Kruger National Park. Your journey will conclude in Johannesburg.

The trip can also be taken from the opposite end, meaning starting from Johannesburg and departing from Cape Town. Accommodations in the Kruger and Addo Elephant National Parks need to be reserved well in advance.