The public transport system in Cape Town, as in other cities of the Republic of South Africa, is not very sophisticated. 

Some residents use so-called shared taxis, which are minibuses crisscrossing the city and picking up passengers anywhere on the street. White people usually don't use these taxis as they are often overcrowded and dangerous. In a space designed for the driver and 10 passengers, often double that number of people are squeezed in. The drivers of these "taxis" are notoriously known for not adhering to traffic rules, and collisions with other vehicles often end tragically.

In addition to shared taxis, you can also use traditional individual taxi services; both Uber and Bolt operate reliably here. City buses, MyCity Bus, also run to some neighborhoods. A reliable mode of transportation around the city is the Hop-on Hop-off buses. They operate on designated routes and only during the day.  

Tourists who want to be mobile during their vacation often choose to rent a personal car. This choice ensures flexibility but also comes with risks. In the Republic of South Africa, driving is on the left side of the road, just like in the UK. On the roads, you will encounter many cars that wouldn't stand a chance of passing a technical inspection in the Czech Republic, and many drivers either disregard or are unaware of traffic rules. If you rent a car, be vigilant and anticipatory. Expect, for example, unlit vehicles, cars parked in unexpected places, sudden stops by the vehicle in front of you, abrupt direction changes without signal indication, pedestrians entering the roadway without regard to traffic, etc. If you take these limitations into account, renting a car is the best way to see as much as possible. Roads are in excellent technical condition and are clearly marked.

If you're planning a trip within the Republic of South Africa, it's possible to rent a personal car at one location, for example, directly at Cape Town Airport, and return it at another location, such as in Johannesburg. Rental companies charge a fee for this service, but not all car rental companies offer it.

It's advisable to reserve a car in advance. During the tourist season and holiday times, especially in December, the cheaper car types are often unavailable.

We can advise you on choosing a car rental company, or even make the reservation for you. Don't forget to bring your international driving license with you.